Sunday, July 12, 2009

Box Tops Box Received

I have recently received my free Box Tops For Education collection box that I requested a few weeks ago. Its just another way for my little man to save and collect box tops. During the school year we save and stick them on a box tops worksheet (which can be downloaded and printed from BTFE website). There are so many to choose from. For now since we have a collection box - this makes it easy to just cut them out and drop them in a slot. Then we can decide when we want to open it up and paste or tape our box tops onto our worksheets for him to take to school. Last year his teacher would take him to the library to turn in his full worksheets and the librarian would give him a little prize, like a brand new pencil. He got a kick out of that. I hope they do the same in Kindergarten. :) He is always on the look out for box tops when we go shopping. Sometimes he finds products with double the box tops and gets so excited.

Happy collecting.

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