Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another day passes me by

So I have to admit, I have strayed from my tasks. It was caused by daytime television. LOL. I know no excuses. I will return to my list tomorrow. It happens sometimes. I did manage to clean up my kitchen pretty well Tuesday. I will work on sorting through old dishes and other nicknaks I don't use. You know what I mean. Gifts and such that just take up space. I plan on either giving them to a friend or donating to Goodwill. I don't know about other cities, but here there are drop boxes all over town.

Oh, I did want to share one site with you all today. Well, I subscribe to her daily emails. I have not purchased the book and you don't have to make a purchase to signup for the free emails. I find each email helpful in some way. Give it a try you can always unsubscribe.

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Amber said...

thanks for the link, I just added yours to mine :)