Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Leaf

Originally I created this blog to share with you some of the ways I earn extra cash online. But, I would also like to share some of my daily life goals and accomplishments. Let me begin with this introduction...

I have been earning extra cash online since October, almost a year now. Though it has not made us rich, it has helped pay the bills. Later this week I plan to share a few of my best earners with you, but for now I would like to share some of my daily life goals.

Ok now that the new school year has begun, there's alot I would like to do. After letting my baby go off to Pre School I have been given an opportunity to get things done I would never think of doing while my 4 year old was running around the house. Though the past two days have been difficult for me, I will saddle up and start my new list of tasks to do while my son is in school. Having the house to myself rarely ever happens, so I want to take advantage of this time. While getting my house decluttered and cleaned up is the main point of my new project it will also help pass the time until the bell rings and my baby will be home with me again. Unless you have a little one leaving the nest to go to Pre K or Kindergarten, you can only imagine the loneliness and "What do I do now?" feeling us SAHMs are endoring. Well, I know its a hard time for us all, but I am pushing through it and making something productive out of it all. Even if your not a mother or father and your living space needs a little face lift, these tips might help.

Some tips to help us get on our way:
  • Get everyday housework out of the way. (Remember - before you start making a huge mess its nice to have a clean kitchen or bathroom, in case a guest shows up unannounced.)
  • Pick one room to work at a time. Separate trash, things to keep and things to give away.
  • After each room get rid of the trash and give aways. (Believe me there will be plenty more by the time your done, so it would help the purpose to dispose of those so they won't be in the way and you can't dig things out saying "I will start to use this now" after it has never been used before, it will endup in the same cycle over and over again.)
  • Change up the floorplan. (Its nice to rearrange furniture once in a while, it gives something new and different to that same old room.)
  • Once the room is organized and decluttered, give it a good dusting (starting from top to bottom) and vacuum. I always like to spray a little air freshener after vacuuming to freshen the air and carpet.

Now that we have a few guidelines to follow, its time to get to work. Happy cleaning!! I hope this post helps give you a little motivation to tackle your to do list. I made this post using the phrases "our" and "us" to emphasise that we can do it together.

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