Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to organize and decorate

Hello everyone,
I have finally caught up on most of the news and updates from this crazy online world. I have missed working my sites and chatting with online buddies. I am glad to be home now spending time to do whatever I want. Work was hard on my daily life. I had no time to spend with family or dare touch my computer. I am working on reorganizing my sites and updating my blogs. I plan to work them all to make up for lost time. There are so many new sites I still would like to join, so if you have a new link and I haven't yet joined I would love to check it out. Just leave me a comment.

As for housework and decorating for the holidays, I have cleaned up and set up our little tree. I plan on decluttering my dining table this week. One stack a day. LOL. Anyways, glad to be back and ready to earn some cash to make up for all the overspending I will be doing for Christmas. :)

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