Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready For The Storm

Ok so Ike is on the way. I hope everyone in his path is prepared for whats to come. I have read through our hurricane preparation mannual so many times but yet I still feel helpless. I believe in my location we will only get some of the heavey rain and high winds. Still anything could happen. I have searched the house for our big flashlights, that was a challenge since my son is always playing with them. Check the cabinet for extra batteries, fill empty jugs full of water, make sure there are ready to eat foods in the cabinet, and make sure all dishes are washed and trash is taken out, just in case we get flooded in. Being stuck in a stinky house for a few days would reak. Especially if our power goes out and no air circulation.

I have to say it seems so weird knowing that Ike is coming and that we have known about it all this week. I guess it just doesn't seem natural to know so soon. Its crazy the technology they have now to track and predict storms and their power. I know the last memborable one for me was Bret I think in 1999. And I don't remember knowing about it so far in advance. I do remember my grandmother's street flooding, the water almost made it in the house. After the storm people were riding in little boats up and down the street. The drain system in her neighborhood has always been terrible. I hope this time around it won't be as bad.

I hope everyone stays safe during the storm and traveling back home if you evacuated. Please be careful on the roads. Its crazy out there.

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