Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who says Pre-K is just fun and games?

Ok so my little one has been in school for about 4 weeks already. I know most people think of Pre-Kindergarten as a choice because its not required under law that children attend. But I think it should be. My son has always been one smart cookie. I know thats what every mother would say about their child. But really, being able to count to 10, know all basic colors and shapes, and even know how to type his own name by the age of 2 and 1/2. These amongst the infinite list of his vocabulary and abilities, are just the basics. Now back to my point. This week was our very first Parent/Teacher Conference. No, these are not just for students that act up. It was just a brief of how my son was doing so far in school. The teacher said he is very well behaved and listens to directions well. He has never had timeout or caused any mischief. Its amazing what he has learned that we never really even thought to teach him at home. Today he came home and was so excited to sing a new song for me. The song was "Where is Thumpkin" he was so great at it - you know I didn't even know how the rest of the song went after the first set of verses. He did his whole hand. Wow and didn't even miss a beat. That's just the icing on the cake. Last week he came home and wanted to share with me what he learned that day. He recited the Months of the year in English and Spanish - only missing one or two months. WOW!! Then he preceded to tell me the Days of the Week in both English and Spanish. I am so proud of him. I hope he does well in every grade as he has been his very first year. I can't wait to see what he learns next. They are little sponges, let them soak up all the good stuff. :)

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