Sunday, September 14, 2008

Start of a new week

Ok so finally this long wait is over. Most of the people in my town took a vacation while evacuating for the storm. Though we didn't get much bad weather, it was still exausting watching and wondering if it was going to change course. Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and sound.

Another week to get things done. I have made a few goals for this week, since I will be heading out of town for work for a while I figure I should get my house in order so it won't be as bad when I return. Leaving hubby to make sure things get done. Number one on my list is to get my son to school on time, two - keep my house decent, three - take care of errands and bills. Wish me luck. LOL. Everyone knows that no one can do these things better than the woman of the house. Am I right?

Have a great week, good luck with your set goals.

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JessicaMichele said...

Glad you stayed safe during Ike!

I also see you decided to take the out of town job. Bummer. When do you leave?

Oh, and tag!