Saturday, September 6, 2008

Inbox Dollars!!

Today I received my 1st Inbox Dollars check! This site is great for anyone. I really only opened the 2 cent emails and completed profile surveys, so it took a while to reach the minimum withdraw, but if you really wanted to earn quick its very possible. They offer daily surveys paying 50 cents each, cash games, cash offers, cash back shopping and great referral rewards.

Now that I have received my first check I am upgraded to a Gold Member with lots of bonus rewards, including referrals and weekly payments. Check it out, and if you like it you should also join - Send Earnings - its very similar, I believe same owners.

These two sites are really great. Just to think all I did was open a few emails and let them load before closing. Two seconds to earn 2 cents. That adds up.
Have fun earning with these sites! Thanks for your support.


MsFit said...

It's a great site.
I'm so close to payout, I can't wait!
Do it take a long time to get paid?of

poohbear said...

When you make your request it will give you a process date. I requested mine on July 20th, my process date was September 2nd - and I got my check the 6th. Its worth the wait! Glad your enjoying Inbox Dollars as well. If you haven't tried SendEarnings, check my post for a link. Same owners cashout is the same $30 too.